Friday, 23 May 2008

Sneh messaged, she was pissed after watching the news, about "this guy who murdered his daughter. It'll be the hot topic of discussion tomorrow anyway, so I'll tell you then..."
Not satisfied, I went to hunt TOI archives for what turnes out to be a week-long series of articles about the murder of Arushi Talwar.
One really starts to wonder where the country, in fact the world is going.
Girl found murdered, Domestic help suspected for many reasons. But prime suspect not to be found. At least three days later, a retired officer steps into the case and finds corpse of prime suspect on terrace.
How'd he get there? Prominent bloodstains on the stairs, near the cooler, everywhere. One wonders how the police managed to overlook this, and now I'm wondering the same thing that the TOI is, why wasn't a dog squad brought in??
Oh dear, police transfered here, there, everywhere, out of Noida. Is this a police force or a bunch of......My god, What's happening to us??
I'm in shock, I'm horrorstruck.

Quote TOI, May 19th.

"Many questions remain unanswered in the Arushi murder case: Who put Arushi’s mattress on the terrace, even as the police could not find the key to it? Who had the keys to the terrace door, which had to be forced open by the police? Where is Arushi’s mobile phone, which is reportedly in use even after her death? If she did die a day before her body was discovered, who called her friend from her mobile? Why was the flat, in which the murders took place, not sealed and the forensic team not called in immediately? Arushi’s post-mortem report mentions a ‘‘whitish discharge’’ on her body. But the forensic team has not preserved a sample of it. With every senior Noida police officer having visited Arushi’s home after her body was found, why was only station officer A Nanoria found negligent and shifted to the police lines? "

Why, indeed.

Then we find that she had been killed a whole 18 hours or so before her body was discovered. Someone had carefully slit her jugular vien and her carotid artery. Someone had clearly thought this out.....

And a stroke of God knows what.....they finally arrest the father. And this is what shocks me, hurts me the most......makes me lose all hope in mankind.....How can a father kill his own child thus?
And why? Because she found out he was having an affair....because she told him she didn't like it......he just.......eliminates her?
What's happening, what's happening to this world.....with no emotion, no love, no....

Oh god.....It's horrible. Just horrible.
And what's even more horrible is the incompetence of the police....apparently they shot their mouths off, saying this could be solved in just a few hours, and then failed to see their most important clue.....

How, how is this happening??
Sneh's right, this world is bastardizing itself.
Aarushi Talwar, may your soul rest in peace....................I pray for you....


vishesh said...

i think it is time we redefine "trust" much for civilization...and the father was a doc i think..hell,the world is becoming worse by the day..

Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

there's something more to this case. the police isnt being honest either, in fact when quizzed by the media, they were decidedly cagey... they keep stressing some affair (dentist father+dentist colleague, aarushi+manservant) or the other that led to this horrible crime. they even went so far as to saying aarushi was blackmailing her parents... i mean what crap!!! the world in bastardizing itself. you cant even trust the judicature...

Übermensch said... the lAST person to ignore something as crucial as such a young girl with the rest of her life to live, brutally murdered like that..
but i have to, in all honesty, hold back my curses and admit that it was hyped by the media for the sake of controversy..
that poor bastard who was murdered in that goa college last month for allegedly stealing a cell-phone (!) well it was dismissed as gang-rivalry and the case was closed..end of matter..
why doesnt he get media attention? because it doesnt get people gasping
(rest in peace Arushi..this isnt about deserve justice just as much as anyone else)

Mystique said...

2 vishesh: a dentist. And yeah, we meed to redefine. Ugh, this world....

2 bubbles: Exactly, there were rumours of a wifeswapping between the Durranis and the Talwars. The Noida police seem to be at their most incompetent.

2 ubermensch: First, your style of writing is very familiar........I know you??
Sigh......maybe you're right, in a way....this is a much more scandalous case than a cell-phone-stealing-murder thing....its always these crazy cases that they hype up....the "normal" ones get no more than a tiny column on the 2nd or 3rd page.

Espèra said...

Read in the newspaper some 3 years ago. Mom killed her own daughter because her own son had raped her and she was going to tell.
Honour killing, it's called.