Tuesday, 24 July 2007


I'm sorry, i'm just writing for the heck of it...
school has started, and normally i'd be all jumpy-happy but today i just have a massive headache, and i feel very alone.
like everyone's leaving me........left me....and i'm alone,the weight of it crushing me like a steamroller....i feel sick
will sleep.
sorry for pointless posting...i can't help it.it's an addiction, an obssession, a need to be alive.
i'm rambling, i don't know what i'm saying anymore.....
will go.

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Give me the Sapphires said...

Ah! Much kindness, I see in you. Very humbled, I have been by your comment. Better though, your blog is.
...Stop speaking like Yoda, I must.

Peace Out
Smile Big