Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Physics on my Brain...trek in my dreams....yess its a wonderful life.

dingle dong.....everything going well?yea from one angle yess....

trek in one week (!!week!! yay! peace joy n happiness at last!!)
i fail to understand why the following items are on the check list.....
*candles (6 nos)....and above it....
*torch (large size with batteries)
*pen/dairy (diaries, yes, but dairy? low fat/full cream? how much?)

exams!!!!physics was today....i called my tuts teacher to give her feedback...she says its one of the toughest papers she's seen in 5 years.
i'm SO glad she didn't materialise next to me in my exam room to tell me this....i mean...who knew..?
it was a very irritating paper, to say the least, made even more irritating by the fact that i'd studied only derivations...(read no numericals....and the paper consisted mostly of these)
gaga....everyone says they're flunking......i speak nothing but the truth....i'm not flunking! yay.
english tomoro and here i am, online. so cool na?
so i guess i'll's grumbling that i take up her comp time as well as her phone time (dont listen to her)
i leave you with words of wisdom from the cat, who is currently asleep by my feet....

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