Saturday, 19 May 2007

nuts to me...

currently my life is filled with tension...splitting headaches...chem textbook and a wild craving for chocolate brownies which i shall go bake after i wake up from much-needed sleep.

on a brighter note....i did get to see spidey3, albiet with parents and a friend, it was fun(ny).....the alien symbiote (spelling right?)is fascinating, it looks gone gelatinous?somewhat.great action, funny scenes (esp the ones where parker cries...that was the funniest!)

ah for a better life.....
i am just waiting for 1st term exams to get over.....(see? we in 11th sci hav just started learnin and already they expect us to be like total pros in science.....not gonna happen)
and then i can enjoy life....

my stranger is still missing......i think he got repulsed by my sticky theory.
lord why me?

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