Thursday, 10 May 2007

I am not a poet...

i am not a some stretch of imagination, i can be called an artist. an anime artist....even tho i don't do stories, just random drawings.
i'll post them up here someday.....i did that once. in another blog. but then it turned into a pic dropoff. so i deleted it.


no profound thoughts these days.....just a lot of questions.

# is Thought scalar or vector?
# is it really better to have loved and lost?
# why is the cbse system so sucky?
# why do i never gain weight?
# why...?
# is it possible to drown in your own thoughts?

yes i know this is one of the more timepass blog entries.....
currently hunting for marilyn monroe pics.
big headache.
will post the afterlife.

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taurius1 said...

Profound thoughts are usually questions in disguise, ya know... It's like you can think them out loud, and the answer just glares at you like, "Why didn't you see this before?"

[*] Thought is a scalar. The effect of any thought on you depends on how much you magnify or diminish it's presence in your brain.

[*] Yes, it is. I speak from experience. :)

[*] All systems are sucky. You just have to get through it as best as you can.

[*] I can't comment on that

[*] Because... !

[*] Yes it is. I've done more than just rowned in my own thoughts. I've been terrorized, emotionally blackmailed, and mentally sodomized by my thoughts every now and that. But it's still fun thiknking wihtout a leash on my ideas. :)

yes, I know this is one of the more older(est?) blog entries...

But I usually can't resist posting a comment for a post such as this. :)

Cheers! ^_^