Friday, 27 April 2007

Who am I (inspired by the's not often ppl ask me dat...they ofen ask me...are u nuts!!??)

who am i?? good question.
am i the bouncy hyped whirlwind? or am i the depressed soul wandering the hallways like the ghost of who i was?am i one of these or am i both? i used to have different personalities for different people, and this disturbed i find that it's all changed, and there's only one's like a diamond (yep that's me..brilliant, sparking personality/wit, no modesty whatsoever) whose facets you can see only one at a time.i suppose i am all that and much more. i am a seething mass (not much of it) of contradictary thoughts and words. i am the power, i am the anger, i am the joy.
in short, i am my emotions.
and this, according to some people (mainly my mother and my mentor) is not good.
nooooo.... all it results in is weird behaviour, outbursts of anger, black eyes (not mine) and tears.
i rest my case (didnt know i had one.)

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scarlet pimpernel said...

every one have thousand faces