Friday, 27 April 2007


they keep sayin (never shut up, do they?) that life isn the about of breaths u take in one moment, it's about the moments that take ur breath away. i'm sure the person who wrote this was inspired.but really, some of those breath-taking-away moments also lost me most of my lunch. yup, life's about moments like stepping on cat poo, cow dung and other animal secretions as well as moments like the one i have just before a race , the moment's i'll have on himalayan trek in june (weeeeeeee) totally.

people search long and hard for the meaning of life (why not look in a dictionary under L?). i think life is an experience.we are sent here simply to havethe experience of having lived.

um. teensy question to all those clairvoyants...the reincarnation thing? different people have different views about it.
the karmic thing...if i'm not good, will i be reborn as a cow? or even(horror) a banana plant?is that even possible?i think humans can be reborn only as humans. dont believe? read "many lives, many masters" by brian l. weiss
brilliant book.
also must read---freakonomics

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