Monday, 9 April 2007


ahh!! our newly appointed V.P decides to speak.
"I want to be your FRIEND", he booms."I do not wish to call out anyone and embarass them....that boy know i'm talking to you..please keep quiet."

The man is a walking contradiction, i tell you.

"Indiscipline will no longer be tolerated in this school. We wish u to cooperate with us, so that we can make this school a better place"

V.P talk for : do as i say or your schooling is ruined.

"Boy-Girl relationships are, from this day, NOT ALLOWED. i have seen all of meet, you hug,,,physical contact is OUT. be friendly with everyone. i am broad-minded, i do not want to turn the school into a jail"

ummm......u mite just do it if you dont watch out.....

ok i know the man means well, but i don't quite know if his new strict regime will work.
child psych, 101, desperately needed.

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