Wednesday, 4 May 2011

How to get over writer's block.

Somewhere, in the multiverse that is your mind, there is a floating graveyard. stretching out towards towards the horizon. It is a dark place, but then most graveyards are. Push open the gates, listen to them creak gloomily. Walk in.

Meander among the headstones, reading inscriptions. Here lies the first realisation of sin. There, a fallen god, long forgotten. Here are notions, ideas. What could have been, but never was. Designs, stories, machines. Concepts. A child that was never conceived, but sorely wanted. A dress pattern that didn't work, a screenplay that was never written, a movie that was never made.
Touch a gravestone. Feel its cracks. Stand before it and hear the ghost of an idea whisper your name. Take out of your pocket the notebook you always carry (you know you do). Now, with the ghost in your mind, write.


Shreya said...


I do that. Not half as dramatically, but yes, I just write my mind out senselessly. You must know if you read my blog. :/

Anonymous said...

I love that picture. It goes perfectly with the words. Did you take?

Mystique said...

@S: Yes I do know. I like that!

@E: Yes I did! ^-^

Anonymous said...

Zis idea of graveyard very good.
I like this piece.

Anonymous said...

Graveyards scare me! But that's a secret ;)

R said...

Slurrp. A post on ideas about dead ideas that never sort of die, just stay behind, or are buried somewhere. Good, good stuff.