Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Young, old, and whatever lies in between. 


Side note: Technology has begun to irritate me. My Sandman files (yes, I only just started reading it) won't open in Comical for some reason. I am going to retreat into paper and printed word and new-book smell. Or old-book smell. And the feel of rough paper and the sound a page makes when it turns. 

Retreat into film and photos I can smooth my fingers over, and clear crisp monochrome without the confusion of colour.

Retreat. Regress. 


Jack said...


Happy Women's Day. Everything has plus and minus points but we can not forgo progress just because technology does not play right at times. However I agree flipping pages of book seems much more satisfying than reading it online.

Take care

Isha said...

I loved the pictures.

25BAR said...

Monochrome rocks!
Good luck!