Saturday, 2 October 2010

Dear SPai.

Stop seeking it. Stop seeking fluid for your words, eyes for the images you want to create. Stop searching for things, people, to complete you, for you are whole. Stop looking to fill the emptiness because your eyes are closed to the fullness of your life. Stop looking for love from others, because all the love you get won't matter if you have no love for yourself. Stop trying to be me and burning the bridges back to yourself. Stop seeking to be someone else, a shadow, a projection, for you have nothing to be ashamed of or to hide. Stop shutting away your joys and your tears, your smiles and your fears.
Just stop.
Stop. Let everything be still, and look forward into the wind and the waves and everything will be better than just okay.
And as long as you have me, you'll never be alone.
Love, Myst.

It's been an insanely happy day. Very balanced. Just. I *studied*. And I had a Double Chocolate from CBTL and a Bachelor's Special on the same day. Yay!


Janani said...

You have, quite literally, taken the words out of my head.
Thank you.

Jack said...


Read pending posts after my break. I agree with we talk too much but say too less. Eating to destress, well, I am not sure. Be yourself should be what we should follow instead of copying someone.

Take care