Sunday, 19 September 2010

Food. For stomach and mind and soul.

Let it be said that I love food blogs. Well, blog. The Pioneer Woman is as good as it gets. Because she is awesome. And provides step-by-step photos that make your hungry. And she makes it look oh-so-easy, and it is! And this is food with a ton of butter and cheese in everything. Mmm.
Also, Bakerella and her cake pops are adorable.


I am studying! Finally! I realise that I tend to stress-eat around exams, like during my 10th grade boards when I baked many batches of very dark brownies and ate them all, or during the end of 12th grade when there always, always had to be mini-croissants in the house, many of them. These days, I make do with whatever's at home. My current way of dealing is forgetting that any time between now and the night of Oct 15th even exists. I'm in limbo. No dates, no days. Just notes. Bed. And whatever food's around. And the images in my head.


VIDYA said...

Have you visited The Purple Foodie? (
If you haven't,'ll delight in it :)

Disguise said...

Ooh :) Starbucks!

Espèra said...

Heh. Whenever I'm stressed out with studying, I stop eating. As in, not literally. But then I spend more time studying than even thinking about food and drink, so mom has to drag me away during meal times.

Michelle said...

The night before a project/exam. I'm either cooking an entire pot of indomie and sausages or stuffing my face with stacks of marie biscuits smothered with peanut butter.
The next morning, I'm good to go. =]

ze bloggherr said...

space brownies much,pai-person?

Nikita said...

haha I tend to overdose on coffee. I luckily have good coffee at home so..