Saturday, 10 July 2010

I like to be gone most of the time.

It feels like I've forgotten how to write. Or read seriously, for that matter. And since I am currently inarticulate, I can't express just how big a tragedy that is.

I was in Pune a couple of weeks ago. Fun was had. My cousin has not so recently acquired a ridiculously cute looking daschund pup, called Coffee. Look at her, the sweet little thing.

 She hated me. At least, I think she did. After the first day of loving shyness, she attacked my knees every time I went to my cousin's place. *Sigh* I wonder what she smelled on me. Or my jeans.

In other, quite random, news, a friend wondered about Hippo. Why would anyone market a snack as healthy and baked, and then call it Hippo? (she said) Turns out Hippo cares about our hunger :|

 I'm not too fond of monsoon. Mostly because of the rain. And the humidity. And those days when a cab ride that should take ten minutes, takes forty. So you're claustrophobic and nauseous and bored.

To conclude, not that I had much to say, on 2nd July 2010, for reasons best known to myself, I looked like this.

A very epic day that was. 
SNam is in Bombay and I am initiating her. Well, somewhat. Today, I took her to the foodgasmic wonder that is Theobroma. Next week, we shall tackle the Western Railway. And the suburbs. More chocolatey goodness. And then I'll have stuff to write about.


Espèra said...

Oh yeah I've had Hippo. Hippo talks weirdly. They're okay I guess, but I immensely prefer Lays' more. :D

And that pink pouffy wig makes you look like you were taking part in a Gay Pride Parade. Were you? :P

Jack said...


Good photographs. It happens at times that you have lot of thoughts but can not put those into words. It will pass soon. May be Coffee feels that you are not giving enough attention. Offer her your hand reversed and let it be sniffed. Dogs after storing this smell make friends. I agree humidity during monsoons makes one feel so restless. Was that a floss candy on your head? LOL. You look so funnily adorable with those face expressions. May God bless you.

Take care

PS : No visits?

scarlet pimpernel said...

Be proud ;-)