Thursday, 22 April 2010


Whee, facelift!! Thanks to knowledge gleaned from Espera. Like it?

Right now, I have not much to say. It strikes me, however, that half my vacation is over, almost. And in two weeks, I'm off to Singapore. :)


Anonymous said...

HELL no.
Please change back, for the love of God!

Tensor said...


Mystique said...

@ Anisha & Tensor: But I LIKE ittt.

Okay I'll think of something else.

Jack said...


Simple but elegant. And it is so easy to read too. Have fun and fun and fun while in Singapore.

Take care

Diwakar Sinha said...

rich people :P

VIDYA said...

I liked the old look better,though.Maybe a word like Mystique demands a canvas of blue.At least,in my head it does.Or maybe I just like blue an enormous amount..dunno :)

Anonymous said...

Great face lift :0)

The Dude said...

very nice upgrade! blogs looking good. cheers..