Wednesday, 17 March 2010

It is 2.45 am and I am reading French for tomorrow's paper. I have been procrastinating the whole day (Will&Grace FTW) and now I decided I should get down to it.

Let's say it again. Cannot WAIT for these exams to be over with.

Meanwhile: I wonder what it is that stylists do with my hair that I can NEVER seem to reproduce. It is going to take CRAZY amounts of hair products, not to mention a powerful straightening iron (yes I know I've been going on a little too much about that lately) to get my hair to look like this again.
What a tragedy.

Cherish those moments when I looked awesome.

I am rather behind on my reading. I am not even halfway through the Bill Bryson, which I must return before I leave, though I am reading a quirky little novel called Adverbs. Look it up. And of course I have Wicked to accompany me on the flight next week, and I think I'll get back to that book on a history of rape I bought last year and never ended up finishing, yes?

Summer movie marathons are planned, yes. Foremost being a Disney marathon. Don't judge me, it takes me back to those times when my biggest worry was whether or not I'd get to go to Kay's place after school. Speaking of Disney, it's pretty cool that their newest work, The Princess and the Frog, has a black protagonist.

Many, MANY things to do over the summer. That is, of course, if I don't melt into a little puddle in the searing heat.

It is now 2.55. Enough procrastination, methinks, and back to le francais.


Espèra said...

Dude your hair is Awesome!

Mystique said...

Not anymore, man. Stylists work magic, but I can never recreate that. I need, as I said, a LOT of hair stuff.

Anonymous said...

Don't remember if I said that before, but you're really beautiful!! and I love your hair!

I wish I can have a haircut like that...

The Dude said...

best of luck with the french and the exams!
know what you mean about the disney movies though, first watched them maybe 20 some years ago but every once in a while when I can leave the rest of the world out my door and disconnect, it feels great to rekindle the spark of childhood I still carry with the greatest care in the howling tornado that is daily life.
hair looks nice too btw. :)

Mystique said...

@ the princess: Thank you. and why can't you?

2 the dude: merci beaucoup.