Sunday, 28 February 2010

Procrastination. Cyberspace discoveries.

Ah, well. I have finally cracked my psych textbook, though I am making absolutely no progress. And it's all thanks to something I'd never thought possible: Fanfiction.

Actually, I'm done with the fanfic, now it's just me being lazy that stops my progress.

But seriously, after the Harry Potter series was complete, there was a void. In my life. Our lives. Everyone's lives. For some, that void was filled by the Meyer-menace called Twilight, others turned to fanfic.
At the onset, I resolved never to set eyes on these, but then I started reading SNam's work. And it is GOOD. The problem? It's not just fanfic, it's Harry/Draco slash fic.
*mutters to self*

Blasphemy, yes. Well written, yes. Want more....quite possible.

And so SNam, who's currently in India, and studying, and a tad bored, vowed to convert me. By sending me the link to the Shoebox Project. Notes, photos, letters, from the Marauders. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs. And the making of the Map. In the authors’ words: “The Shoebox Project is a series of stories (of sort) written by the fabulous Jaida and Rave in the Harry Potter universe. It contains photos, notes, and stories, written about the Marauders (James Potter, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew) during their time at Hogwarts. While the story mostly takes place during their 6th and 7th years at Hogwarts, there are also tales of the Marauders younger years. While focusing on the mischievious Marauders, it also touches on the relationship between James and Lily Evans, the rise of Voldemort, and a relationship between Sirius and Remus (which is in the last few parts).”

I fell in love...with the writing, and more than the writing, the art. Oh, the beautiful beautiful art...I want.

See what I mean? This is NOT the best in there. By no means.

In other news, I have also discovered Community Queer, a blog written by 'Scudder' and 'Finn', from my old home, Muscat. This interests me because, well, the LGBT scene in Oman is so underground/closeted, you don't even think about it. Sure, you do hear the occasional rumour about that hairdresser at that salon near my place being gay, and having a boyfriend who went to one of our rival schools, but no more. I personally knew no gay boys at my school or any other, and I always wondered what would've happened to anyone in my school who chose to be open about their sexuality.
So yeah, I found Community Queer. It's kinda like a solidarity thing, I guess. And, it was in the (Omani) news, a bit, because the site was blocked by the service provider a while ago (the Government of Oman owns 70% of their main ISP, and thus chooses to block any sites that it finds to be...unsavory? While this includes all pornographic sites, and sites with sexual content, I once tried to venture into a website featuring tattoo designs and found it blocked.) and then, somehow, they realised that everyone had a right to free speech, and unblocked the site a few days later. In the words of Scudder and Finn: We have started something here, something that cannot be blocked or censored, something that will not go away, because people believe in it. We believe in it. And you seem to, as well.

I'm quite proud, I gotta say.

Meanwhile, it is with a slight exasperation that I announce that I have succumbed to Twitter. Hooray. Another way to waste time. Like I don't procrastinate enough already *shrugs shoulders, gives up*

I notice that my writing capabilities are deteriorating. How tragic. I haven't written any actual fiction in a while.

But I have been taking photos. I leave you with this, for now. Taken yesterday, at Worli seaface, with Datta bowing bubbles, attempting to get back some childhood joy, even as we slip out of our teens.
Damn, profound much? Screw that, man. Bubbles are happiness, don't let anyone convince you otherwise.


Jack said...


Nice update. How about writing some fiction soon?

Take care

soin said...

no porn in your place? omg..shudders at the

R said...

Is it okay to say I never enjoyed Potter?

scarlet pimpernel said...


VIDYA said...

love HP fanfics too...JKR stopped writing way tooo soon.
and Dramione should totally have been a ship in the books.Beats Ron + Hermione anyday :)

Espèra said...

Ooh! BUBBLES! Though not very bubbly, but i like the shape they've become. :D

Jet Driver said...


I like your blog.

Keep it up!


Mystique said...

@ Jack: Maybe after my exams.

@ soin: In muscat, I mean.

@ R: To each his opinion, man.

@ scarlet: waleikumassalaam.

@ vidya: Dramione, naah. Naaaah.

@ Espera: Looks like she's blowing out light.

@ Jet : thank you.

scarlet pimpernel said...
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