Saturday, 13 February 2010

Hearts. Flowers. Chocolate. NOT.

I've never been non-single on Valentine's Day. Last year, it was full of the spirit of Pink Chaddis. This year, it's the end of the Kala Ghoda Festival, a Devdas marathon ( Not that I'm going to watch any of them. I WOULD have gone for Dev D, but it's late, and home circumstances prevent me) and a pfft in the face of all you cheesefest couples.

So yes, hearts, flowers, chocolate, NOT. But if anyone's up for a ritual protest drink, do join me. I'll be that girl at the bar laughing at all the couples and hitting on the bartender.

Happy Valentine's day, all.


PS. This last part would be SO much easier if I wasn't in India.

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soin said...

am thinking of collecting all the sappy posts written today and making a comic or something out of the meantime just send around group text saying its your frnds anniv and to wish her,damage control is never possible