Thursday, 3 December 2009

Miss Independent

I packed a fast bag after my first paper on the 30th (so fast, in fact, that I forgot to pack in my underwear and had to return for it the next morning before my paper) and went to meet KayDee at Dadar.
Yes, Kay's in Bombay, on a 10 day stopover between Singapore and Muscat. I spent my birthday with her, actually...(The birthday itself was not as blurry as 18th birthdays should be, but what can one do three days before the exam? I DID however buy some awesome headphones and a Bob Dylan tantra shirt. And I did all this in an awesome dress and heels. Mehh.)
So. We cabbed and rick-ed it through to Thane, where Kay's parents have a flat. The flat is a little more spartan than I remembered it, in some ways, but it IS impressively well stocked. The fridge is loaded with spices and I even found a jar filled with chocos. I finished the Chocos.
As for the actual living...well, Kay's used to it, having lived alone for quite a while now, but for me, it was a little strange not having an adult in the house. Then again, it was an awesome kind of strange. Plus, I'm an adult now, I suppose. More than that, it just feels liberating and quite normal, really, to do exactly what we wanted (she lazes around, I come back from exams, laze, and try to study, and watch movies), go out and come back at our own will. We reached home from grocery shopping at 9.30 the other day, and it didn't feel too late, but that's really relative isn't it, late and early? Depending on which relative setting your curfews. Sigh.
This feels so right, living alone. I should really start looking for cheap studio flats with decently sized kitchen spaces. I might be learning a lot from Bombay, but living alone will be the big lessons : Independence not to be a bitch.
It's tragic that rents are so high.


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of living alone. And somehow you are just the type who'd manage it brilliantly. :)

Jack said...


It is a nice heady feeling when you cross over to adulthood, isn't it? But a word of caution, if you may allow me, this new freedom comes in combo pack alongwith acceptance of responsibilities. Enjoy your freedom with prpoer application of mind.

Take care

Silverstreak said...

Living on your own is awesome! Something about it is awesomely liberating, no? And you know something, it weirdly brings in this feeling of responsibility. It really does come naturally. And this is the world's most irresponsible person talking..

But the sucky part, there are no more sleepovers, because you can always just go home, even if it gets too late! And every day being a sleepover doesn't count!