Monday, 12 October 2009


Clean roads.
Half empty streets at 10 am, then again, this city wakes up early.
Did I mention clean? And bright? And sunny?
Empty, so drastically empty.

Meeting the friends was awesome, I went to school. No one except Chikki knew I was in town. So I got a whole bunch of :
"What're you DOING here?"
*Startled looks*
"your HAIR!"

Quite surprisingly, people seem to have missed me. And not just my heroes, or my teammates. Even the wonderful people whose bras I have messed with, seem to genuinely have missed me.

As Chikki says "people seem to like you this time round"



Jack said...


Have all the fun with friends who missed you and mind you next time they will miss you more.

Take care

Janani said...

idiot..u didnt tell me u were going and i have been trying to call u forever...ass..enjoy home...

Silverstreak said...

Hoping I will experience the same in two months. :)

Espèra said...

Wow wow wow.
Giving these kinda surprises is fun! :D

Ah yes, and your hair. Can we have more pics of it on FB please?

Mystique said...

2 jack: maybe

2 jan: heeeeeeee

2 Silverstrak: really? who ARE you?

2 sam: yes it is!! ah FB. ok.