Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Thin girls hate mirrors too

A skinny girl in a department store will sigh
"Everything's too large, nothing in my size"
To the kids section maybe they must go
But to the innocence there, they'll say no.

Fat girls will look into mirrors
With mind, chiselling away flabby horrors
Thin girls sigh at the angles
At stick arms that can't even support bangles

Clothes as tight as can be
Padded bras to show there's something to see
Anything to stimulate a hint of curves
Yes, our skinniness gets on our nerves

Everyone knows them guys like curvy girls
36-24-36 is what we aspire to be
To gain weight we chomp on cheese curls
Oh screw the guys, lets love me for me

-Skinny Chick.


A stupid little something I wrote during the seminar on Saturday. I like the idea behind it, even though the poesie itself is crap.


Chikki said...


Anonymous said...

I like.

Sakshi said...

Me 2, like it.

soin said...

as long as it is not 36-36-36 i guess its fine..but 15-15-15 wont do it either..so thats quite a range with various permutations.. so no complaints..

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

btw, im the fat type
so i never understood why the other extreme crib!

ARJuna said...

You capture the right issue in your little poem well...
a more informal way of apreciating it would be... mamma mia what a verse!!!

Jack said...


Nice humourous one. Write some more.

Take care

go-phish said...

i would choose skinny angles over flab, anyday.


plus, i'd get to eat maggie :)


Mystique said...

2 chikki: right back atcha

2 ki: thanks

2 sakshi : thanks!

2 soin: hahhahaha i guess you're right

2 harini: now you get it?

2 ARJ: merci!

2 jack: thanks

2 go-phish: lol. maggi not so much.