Thursday, 17 September 2009


They say you talk too much when you're drunk. They say you do stupid things.
They say the whole truth comes out in that inebriated state.
No one knows that better than me....Kids, know your limits. Trust me on this one.

It started out as a great night. Fun, with good friends, great food, good music, and the vodka. Then they decided to play 'I never'. When it came around to me, I raised my glass.
"I never ever..." I paused to think of something I've never ever done.
And that's all I remember.

I woke up the next morning in the bedroom, with a very hazy image of a scream. That was all. I staggered out into the living room and was met with stony stares.
Silence all around.

I hadn't caught on yet. Nursing my aching head, I muttered, "Hey, I can't remember shit. What HAPPENED last night?"

Silence. All I saw, through the redness and the hammering in my head, were accusing looks.

Now I was worried. Even with the massive hangover I could see that something was wrong. Terribly wrong. I'd said something, hadn't I? Last night? Had I done something...? No. Calm. Think.
"Guys? Please help me out here...? What'd I do? I said something stupid, didn't I?"

A disgusted snort, someone I held very dear left the room.

Now I could feel their stares burn me. Their contempt-filled eyes seemed to strip through to my soul.
That can sober you up REALLY fast. A great hangover cure, but may you never have to take it.
And then I knew. I'd done something that wasn't just stupid. I'd done something that showed everyone the core inside the nice-guy exterior, the coldness of my deepest soul. Something so horrific it could not be comprehended by the devil himself.

I just didn't know what it was. And, what's worse, no one would tell me.

What did I do? What ELSE could I do? I changed and left. I went home, slept it off, and hoped it would blow over soon.
But it didn't. The guys at that party told everyone they knew. Now my whole school knows. And a few other schools too.

But not me.

Kids, from that day, I've stuck to one drink at a time.
But what difference does it make?
I have no one left to drink with.


Bit of fiction I wrote a couple of months ago.....errr, lemme say it again, THIS IS FICTION. so don't get all worried and stuff.


Jack said...


Too true. Once one is high truth just flows out. One has to know limits. Good combination of fact and fiction.

Take care

PS : Looking for your views on my 2 latest posts.

Sakshi said...

Yes you blabber ALOT when you are high. And, people around me tell me that I do that after 1 drink. :(
So, That I guess sums it all up. :)
Nice writing btw...

soin said...

drunken fights are like so good to watch. specially when people who dont fight normally

Misanthropist said...

Being with drunk people is the best form of entertainment :P

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

Once I started reading , I scrolled to the bottom to check whether it was fiction

I loved the way you wrote it!!
I so want to know "what" it was, but no one knows, right?

The Dude said...

I will admit that your story begins and ends very nicely - making the point about knowing your limits really set a nice tone and your closing line about it not mattering because now you drink alone was a great touch.
But you made it sound so horrifying and disastrous that I felt a mite put off when I read the tail end of the tale.

Personally Ive tried varying types and states intoxication and my only view is that do what you will, but be aware of who and what you are both sober and otherwise - and as you said, be well aware of your limits.
There is getting tipsy and being a bit drunk, but there is a whole other deal when you are sloshed. Not that I hold that against people (maybe thats just me) but at that point you arent exactly telling the truth but merely the truth as you see it.
And honestly! whats the point when you have no control and are unlikely to remember? even if I am drunk, I want to remember the evening with friends (or whoever it might be) so getting knackered serves no purpose other then to give me aches and pains in the morning..

dont mind me, just my two cents..

workhard said...

Thats a nice story.. but a pretty bad ending.... good piece of fiction...

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Mystique said...

2 jack: thanks

2 sakshi: lol yeah

2 soin: hahahh

2 misanthrope: i guess it is.

2 harini: Nope. no one knows...

2 the dude: yes, i've been tipsy, and then I've been shitfaced. And that's where this came from.

2 workshard: thanks...

Rishi said...

just for ur own entertainment and horror.. try recording urself drunk once...

upload on youtube and u'll be an instant celebrity.. plus this time u'll know what u did or said..

Espèra said...

Nice nice nice!
But I wonder what was so horrific about what that guy let out ...

Have you any idea yourself?