Wednesday, 8 July 2009

8 am rant about the rain

Yes, I know everyone's been on about late monsoons and all. I know people who're nauseating in their love for the rain.

Not me.

I can manage a drizzle, yes. Those ten minutes between drizzle and I-need-shelter-now rain, I can manage.
What I detest is the kind of rain that gets EVERYWHERE. In your shoes and in your clothes. Through windows and doors. Into your very being.

I do enjoy this rain, when I'm indoors. When I can cuddle up with a mocha and a blanket and rum. And a movie.

But that's when I genuinely have nothing to do.

This rain is crippling me. It's crippling everyone on the Western Line (I take the train from Dadar) It started the minute I woke up. I had to brush my teeth to the sounds of my aunt making frantic phone calls to see if trains were running.

"Won't be on till evening, you have to stay here"

My house, everyone has disaster mentality, I tell you.

So here I am, my first lecture starts in 5 minutes (didn't want to attend that one anyway) and I'm stuck in a home that is not my own. With no mocha and definitely no rum. And no good company (or a means of gathering good company).

Grumpiness abounds. I need out.


♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

heard about the mumbai rains.. its something i miss now.. but back then when i was in school it was something that always wet your uniform and made your shoes and socks so wet that some people would walk barefoot in class!!!!

good luck with the rains sweetie!!

rum nahi to kya hua, dum se kaam lo!!

(ok that was really lame and umm whatever :P )

ciao take care!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I hate the rains too,but i wouldn't mind if it resulted in missing lectures :P
So how is college life treating you? (:

Dream3er said...

tell me about it seriously...!! .. i so wanted to go to college!

Jack said...


I know Mumbai rains can be crippling but suggest take it as it comes. Why fret? Try to find ways to keep your mind happy.

Take care

Mystique said...

2 harini: barefoot to class?? urghhhh

2 anon: college treats me well. very well.

2 Dream3er: i knowww

2 jack: ture, it will come to me.

The Geekie said...

i detest rain if its nonstop...dampness everywhere sucks

chk my monsoon post

Midnight Sun said...

i like it when its pouring. and i'm in the middle of it.

Antigone said...

Hate it when it rains constantly, the never ending variety of precipitation is downright annoying.