Saturday, 6 June 2009

Parental Arrival

The parents have arrived.
The college rounds have been done, forms have been filled and submitted.
Now all there is to do is wait.


Jack said...


Wish you all the best. Hope you get admission in the college you want the most.

Please give my regards to your parents.

Take care

PS : Looking for your views in my space.

Misanthropist said...

Hey good luck with your admissions :)

Shrutilaya said...

Good luck!

What d'you wanna' do? = )

Pesto Sauce said...

Been here first time...liked your stuff

And best of luck for college....hope you like Mumbai after Pune

freudian slip said...

your parents are there???? oh shit, no more getting drunk???? please, say it aint so!!! and i need to change my blog template without losing my blogroll and shit

iz said...

oooh have fun!

Mystique said...

2 jack: sure.

2 misanthrope: thanks.

2 shrutilaya: thanks! i'll do media

2 pesto: i LIKE your username!

2 freudboy: return comment on your blog.

2 iz: thanks! i intend to!