Saturday, 2 May 2009

The Wall

High tide, wave sounds, shades of blue. why so beautiful?

On that wall, I've sat so many times over the last two years. Sometimes with friends, sometimes alone. I've never felt sad there. That wall is bliss-point. At high tide, the waves curl over themselves and crash on the stairs below. They tease my feet, so foamy, so light, but never do I go down the stairs and dip my toes in, because like everything else, it's all an illusion, and instead of an airy lightness bubbling over my toes, it'll be cold and wet. I'm perfectly happy just endlessly watching the waves.


Amjad said...

Wow.. this is freaky! I myself sat on that wall so many times! Sometimes with friends, and sometimes a lone, just like you.

I didn't know that there were people who sat there alone :P

Anonymous said...

It looks perfect :)

Sneezy Melon said...

Holy frick. Why aren't there any such places in Delhi!

Jack said...


Beautiful setting. Do carry these fond memories always.

Take care

Poison said...

Argh. Girl, thou maketh me jealouse. *sobs uncontrollably about the lack of clean, natural water bodies in delhi*

Mystique said...

2 Amjad: that IS freaky

2 ki: it is.

2 melon: because Delhi is landlocked??

2 jack: yeah :)

2 poison: ha-haa.