Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Bombay calling

And after a year and a half of anticipation and whatnot, I'm finally in Bombay.
It's humid. grrr. I can handle dry heat, I've lived in a country that gets to 45 degrees Celsius in summer. But dry. This is humid. Fans on full blast, sweat running down my back in a most irritating way.
Alphonso mangoes. Lots of them at my place. So it's not just sweat running down me.
I'm loving life. Mom seemed rather amazed that I actually dragged myself to Andheri to meet Rushi just an hour after I got home. Home is Sion, by the way.
"How didja GO??" she asks. "Umm, walk to Sion Circle and then rickshaw." I reply.
What's wow, I ask. No, just didn't expect you to go all the way to Andheri your first day there.
But yes, I did do that, I met Rushi, I met Ani, I met Jai, and there was CCD and bad stories and so much laughter that our stomachs hurt. So much.
Home, however, I must get used to. I'm so used to Mom knowing me. Like, knowing not to pay ANY attention when I mutter to myself or grumble in frustration at everything from over-affectionate cats to defunct internet connections.
But Mom's not here, I've got my grandmom and my aunt who constantly ask what I want, and tell me to lower the volume or no, that mango's a little spoilt, take another. I've told them that it is essential that they: 1. Do not worry about me, just leave me to my own devices. 2. Pay no attention to my mutterings. Because I am indeed muttering a lot these days. Lol.
But yeah, it's good out here despite everything. And it can only get better. So cheers to me and all.


Espèra said...

You come and Rushi leaves. Or so his blog said.
Mangoes! Woohoo. And mango shake. Although by way of eating just the fruit, I prefer watermelon.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're having a good time :)

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

you make me soo jealous!!!!
i so miss bombay!! waaah
and i still wont go all the way from sion to andheri even today. and well, i dunno.. youre in bombay and im jealous. period.

Akshaya said...

hey.......miss you!! :-)

Jack said...


Nice that you have settled in Mumbai. Just keep in mind that your grandmother & aunt love you a lot and feel responsible to make you feel comfortable not missing your mother.

Take care

phish said...

welcome to bombay. and to andheri. and to the humidity. to the sea. to the teeming millions waiting for that big break. to home.


Sakshi said...

Have all the fun... the world is officially yours.

wiseling said...

One is in Bombay if you're interested in grabbing a cuppa-something.. (I don't do coffee, sorry.)

Mystique said...

2 espera: it is indeed tragic.

2 ki: i'm glad too.

2 harini: why not sion to andheri?

2 Aksh: yes i know.

2 jack: yeah yeah

2 phish: call me.

2 sakshi: no, bombay is.

2 wiseling: masala chai would be great, thanks.

wiseling said...

there's a masala chai waiting, with your name all over it.