Saturday, 14 February 2009


Commercial exploitation of love day
fling day
single-depression day
cliche day
mushy-eyes-gooey-smiles day
red decorations day
protests and raids day
frilly day
make-out day
'anti-Indian culture' day.
'Pink chaddi' day
sexy lingerie day
'Big plans' day
love day

in short, Happy Valentine's day

* credit for the first two goes to Shail. rest is all mine.


*+^anisha^+* said...

Amen to that, woman.

I'm whacking your idea!

Happy Valentine's, love... :D

Biju Mathews said...


Happy Valentine's Day to you too!!

Keep Blogging!

-=A.R.N.=- said...

"Commercial exploitation of Love-Day" kinda sums it all up.

taurius1 said...

Happy Brownie Day too, perhaps?

coolguy said...

Anti-Valentine's Day

futomaki said...

Oooh nice, only once a year u'll see couples holding hands. The rest of the year they're brushing it off~

Jack said...


Belated Happy Valentines Day. Hope you had a nice memorable day and got what you wished.

Take care

Kashmirviews said...

It doesn’t seem to be a powerful campaign-Watch out you might get a new tag–pink chaddi–I agree with Roop-This is not something which is gowin to make any impact. It will bounce back-try something else like sending sarees and a picture of laptop or try reading abut cultural resistance and cultural pluralism.

InExile said...

ha ha and jack still wished you a happy V day ! ha ha

Mystique said...

2 anisha: idiyot.

2 biju: thanks:

2 ARN: true. and tragic.

2 taurius: maybe.

2 futomaki: really?