Friday, 5 December 2008

unprofessionalism thy name is...........

This is Shit.
at least, it is now.
yesterday was great, we took an air arabia flight to sharjah, then by road to Dubai.....
Dubai's quite nice really, at least, Deira is. The last time i was there, I didn't have much time to roam or anything, so i got the feeling we'd be really claustrophobic and cramped, but no, it's all quite open, and there's a Haagen Daz and a Dunkin Donuts right nest to the hotel :)
Went to DCC (Deira City Centre) yesterday and met Ady, my closest friend from grades 1 to 5, and she still seems the same. She's doin humanities and she'll probably get into Xaviers.......
And I met HER friend Ria, who i instantly clicked man....I love her.....I actually found myself telling ehr my whole life-story......woww.
Bought a beautiful navy hoodie sweatshirt that says POWER TO THE PEOPLE........
And now I'm kinda sick.
We were supposed to be shooting for this quiz thing today, a preliminary round where we select 2 teams from each country. Bahrain, Oman and Qatar were supposed to finish today.
On schedule: shoot 6 episodes of this quiz series.
we've been here for 7 hours. so far it's just been bahrain, and they just finished shooting their first episode.
i HATE unprofessionalism
and i HATE the standard of questions...
"where would you find arboreal animals" it seems.

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Wayward Listener said...

and you didnt get through this quiz?