Thursday, 20 November 2008

No title will do justice.

Way back when i was in 5th grade, we were all segregated into houses. Red, blue, green and yellow. During one of our PE periods, we were lined up into 4 rows, and the girl in the front of each row was made to pick up a chit, and that's how our houses were chosen.I was sitting close to the back of my line, craning my neck to see our fate. The girl in the front, Amita i think her name was, picked up a chit, opened it, and said "Yellow."We groaned. Even then we knew that yellow always, always came last. it was like a fundamental rule or something. We threw a few gaalis at this girl and then resigned ourselves to our fate. Chalo, might as well do my bit for the house na?In 6th grade, I realised, hey, I could run, and pretty well! So I started running for the house. Got an Individual championship in 7th grade. I turned up at every sports day, but Yellow was always 3rd or 4th at the end. Sigh. Things never changed. When was the last time we'd won anyway? Some time in '93?Cut to this April, suddenly, surprisingly, I was Captain. Fine. This year, things were gonna be different.
It didn't seem like that though. We spectacularly crashed though volleyball and a host of other events in 4th place, and we lost the cricket tourney, which we ALWAYS win. But then something happened, winds changed. We won boys basketball. And football. And drama. And TT. And our usual quiz. And a month ago we were riding high in first place with Blue on a close second.
And then there were two weeks left to Sports Day, the day of judgement, as it were, and march past practice started. Oh what a headache, oh what lack of coordination.....How horrible.....I've spent the last two weeks stressing and screaming and headaching.....Even yesterday I wasn't sure it'd turn out right.......
Today morning, I was a bundle of nerves. Absolute jelly. Reached school in a screaming mess, yelled a bit, got a few hugs to calm myself down. And before we knew it, march past was on us.
I walked in a kind of numbness, I think, as far as I know, I did nothing wrong. I couldn't see the rest of the group.
Ran back to change for a relay, ran it, came third, ran back again to change back for the reassembling af the houses for the final prize distribution.
Individual championships given out....I lost my championship to Disha, thanks to 1500m, she deserved it more than I did anyway....
And the march past trophy.....2nd position, Yellow house, First, the RED house.
We wait.
"The athletics championship............"
yeah green was gonna get this, I'd heard...
"the YELLOW house!!"
Dropped the flag, ran to the victory stand, laughing......

And the coveted Cock house trophy.....(why do they call it that mann....)
Goes to....
the YELLOW house!!!!!!!!!
What we worked for.....has finally happened.....we've won......

What followed was a lot of crazyass pictures, the traditional victory run around the field with the flag, manny many cheers, pics, pics, more pics, screaming madness....
I really have to thank everyone man....the whole house has worked so hard this year, we really deserve this.
Thanks Dylan, Irfan and Jerin, My vice-captains, for handling everything so well...(i don't have to thank you, you guys LOVE to bunk, I know,) thanks for staying calm when I was being neurotic.
Thanks Tanya, for doing the whole middle school thing on your own....Big Big Thanks to Mr Varghese and Ms Sita....
Thanks mom.....
Thanks to my march past group (they had to put up with me and my dictatorial yellings)
thanks to whoever, whatever's made this possible.
We've made history.


taurius1 said...


For some reason, even in our school, and most other schools I've heard from, yellow house was usually always 3rd or 4th. Usually. Not always. There's always the unexpected brilliant performance like you guys pulled off.


Janani said...

yes........was waiting 4 dis post since 7 at chitras.roshni told us...congrats....u fully deserve it!!!

--xh-- said...

wow.. congratulations... :)

Quicksilver said...

Even the yellow house I'm in Chenab finishes last all the time. I hope its fortune changes as yours did.

Ashmita said...

Ey! Congrats ya!
Considering how much hard work you put in. you uys deserve it!
I mean, the underdog had to win it sometime! ;)

I miss marchpast tho :(
It was fun.

Ashmita said...

Ey! Congrats ya!
Considering how much hard work you put in. you uys deserve it!
I mean, the underdog had to win it sometime! ;)

I miss marchpast tho :(
It was fun.

plucky lampooner said...

seems very interesting blogger~!

Stupidosaur said...

Yellow yellow trophy lelo!!

Anyways Australian cricket team is yellow. So there is no rule against yellow ;)

Anonymous said...

yellow spelled little john in school for me and its uncanny that even we had a cock house cup which ironically LJ rather seldom won.aah well its nice to know that we weren't the only 'cocky' school around to proffer a 'cock house cup' to the best house..i reckon a legacy of bogs,tea,grace,our lord's prayer,all things British.

Scribblers Inc said...

well, we had similar houses, though they were called Surya Agni Vayu and Varun, after the four elements of nature...and intrestingly, I was the vice Captain of Surya(yellow) when we had lifted the annual shield for the best house, so all this brings back some sweet memories....You, girl did some great job!CONGRATULATIONS!! :D

Scribblers Inc.

Mystique said...

2 taurius: thngyoo

2 theatre: i know, why do they call it 'cock' house, i wonder?

2 scribbler: you too? wow..

ARJuna said...

Hi, i too was in the yellow house, during my tenure at the ISM. Reading your post brought back a lot of memories.
How is the ISM now, i read about the new auditorium. what do they use the old hall, inside the main building, for now?? Man, i miss the's 5 yrs since i left the place.
Thank you and Congratulations.