Tuesday, 30 September 2008

On the way to tuts, the muses strike.

There's a cat in the washing machine
and she doesn't want to come out
She watches from her hiding place
with an inscrutable pout.
Curled among the wet clothes
Refugee from the heat
Away from a stressful world
She doesn't want to meet.
I have to hang the clothes to dry
I'll do it in a few
But if that darned cat's still in there
I'll pin her onto the line too.
yaar, i've become a bored blogger. maybe it's because i'm so busy. maybe it's writer's block. either way, i have one short story idea which i have yet to actually start with, plus a multitude of tests, assignments etc.
we sang Tu Aashiqui Hai for music talent comp today and came 3rd. we are currently preparing for the inter-house drama on 8th oct.
What else can I say....
Eid Mubarak!
I have a loong weekend ahead, i'll be back soon, when the muses hit me again.


taurius1 said...
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taurius1 said...

Oh hai!
Parond me, I just had to do that. Hehe.

futomaki said...

And I thought cats didn't like getting their coats wet..

newzly said...

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lucky said...

ma cherie, i advise u not 2 put up the name of our play over here. for all u know angad and his blue house chiks mite be avid readers of this blog. maybe once we're done making a clean sweep of the awards then u can put all the details up :)

Espèra said...

Taurius1: LoL!

Myst: Shit, your cats are damn cute. Do they eat dustballs like Fat Louie?
(You don't say! Fat Louie, Princess Mia's cat. Er, Princess Diaries?)

Quicksilver said...


Even though I have a dog and am much of a dog-person, kittehs never fail to brighten my face with a smile.
Here you may like these lolcats. I sure do.

Mystique said...

@ taurius: oh GAwwd.

2 futomaki: oh they don't, but this was just damp n cool.

2 newzly: zero tolerance for spam.

2 lucky: done.

2 espera: hmm...no dustballs. but they roll in the dust. and louie was orange.

2 quicksilver: yeah, i checked... :)

Bluebutterfly said...

Lol ..
Boring… nah .. I don’t think so… that’s the darnest thing I have ever read about the-cat-in-the-washing-machine.
You are one busy thing… good.