Saturday, 2 August 2008

Joy in a sphere.

Soap bubbles get me all excited. The kind you blow, not the kind in your bath tub. They make me feel like a little kid again. Just happy.
I don't know why, It's one of the best feelings, blowing bubbles, watching my cats swat at them....watching the kids in Tina's special ed class, the laughter on their faces....
Maybe it's the pretty colours, iridiscent rainbows, colours that no paintbox can replicate, changing every second. Maybe it's the way they fly away, light, beautiful and free, the way we all want to be....
The perfection, the uniqueness.
The fact that a thousand physics lessons can be taken from a perfect bubble.
I don't know why. It's always been able to cheer me up, blowing bubbles. Irresistable.

Me and chikki are making lists, lists of the small joys. so far i think we have....134 i think....

Edit: PS the photo is courtesy google. I didn't take it. I wish i had, though.


Crystal! said...


Kinda new here..lovely spc,girl.
And yuz,I love thse bubbles as well..they're so..ethereal

Espèra said...

Nice picture.
I'm assuming that you took it. =D

Yeah, there certainly is something about bubbles right? The way they float. They way they are perfectly round, rounder than you and your compass can make. Just the colours maybe.

Everybody likes bubbles.

Yottabyte said...

What are the other 133 joys? :D

And, speaking of Physics lessons, this guy in our NTSE batch was asked in his interview why soap formed bubbles. He didn't know.

Why does it, anyway?

Impressionist said...

134 lil joys!??!
whoa! thats a long list then!
I cant even think of 1 right now!


Mystique said...

2 crystal: thanks

2 espera: yeah I know....there just aren't enough words in praise of a perfect bubble.

2 yottabyte: I'm not sure...I know why bubbles are spherical though....surface tension ensures that the bubblehas the minimum possible surface area for the given volume....that's a sphere.

2 impressionist: It's mostly by chikki. with minor additions by me. i'll put it up soon.

Espèra said...

Yes, please do.
We like to be reminded of what we like best.