Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Don't try to convince us. We don't believe you.

Most creative professions have their little challenges, the dark horses, the Everests......the little Ami on Miami ink hates having to do fairies, I think advertisers must detest doing ads for sanitary pads.
Periods are a pain, period....okay, full-stop. You'd think it's easy to get used to, seeing that it's inevitable and happens every month....but it's not. Fact remains that we hate it and everything about it. Hate PMS, Detest the cramps, and loathe the ickiness...
Therefore, when we're in a state where violence seems rational, we really don't want to see the happy-happy pad ads, all SO untrue.
Most ads seem to say, use our product and you'll be comfy doing anything, playing soccer to climbing gates to running through sprinklers.
Not true. comfort lies not in the brand used, It lies in yourself....
So.."Have a happy period"...??
Not possible. Not even probable. Tolerable, maybe. Happy, no. Not unless your product can stop cramps and PMS and everything else we hate about this monthly show of blood. So keep dreaming.
I wonder if the girls in the ads have their period when the ad's being filmed......
Anyway. No biggie. just the "have a happy period" REALLY pissed me off.

hmm. mess mess everywhere.
now reading: 100 years of solitude, finally.
now feeling: sick. no prizes for guessing why.
now wanting: sleep. and satisfaction with life.


Ananya said...

v discussed this yesterday at shatti...very true...have a happy period is the most paradoxical line.

bluebutterfly said...

thats just so true .... they say it so happily have a happy period .. do they even know what we go through .... the cramps and the stomach aches cannot be cured by a comfy pad ....worst ads are those which show the girl jumping around as if its all a party .. well it is not .... nice post !!!

p.s.: isnt chris garver suppossed to hate doing fairies ????

Mystique said...

2 anyu: ugh

2 butterfly: oops, yeah, maybe it was of the balder ones.anyway, the ads irritate me to no end.

The Snitch said...

Uhm, I agree. Some of those ad's are amazingly stupid. I think in this same ad, they showed a pad, you know, dancing and playing football in sprinklers. I thought that was grotesque.

Ellie said...
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Ellie said...

Could I agree with you anymore than I do already.

Ashmita said...

What i never understood is how a "leak proof system" and "wings" give us a happy period?
As if worry about the absence of those 2 things mentioned above suck the joy out of our lives for the 5 days.
*Stupid- girl- PMS-things- Stupid-Boys-think-they're-so-smart-should-burn-in-hell*

Espèra said...

I knoww.
Try Aspirins. Painkillers. Helps.

Mystique said...

2 snitch: yeah, that's not cute. if they were trying to make it all cute, it ISN'T.

2 ellie: you could

2 ashmita: exactly my point. stupid guys who make ads. think they know us.

2 espera: I hate painkillers.

Espèra said...

why do you hate painkillers?
I don't think they can be worse than the pain.