Friday, 7 December 2007


how come i've had a theoretically wonderful day but i'm still pissed?
how come you think she's hot huh??
how come (bloody bloody bloody) SHE gets to frikkin GRIND with you??
life is NOT fair with me.


taurius1 said...

Life isn't about fair, is it? :/
Life's about people who cut ahead of the line and take what should have been yours, only it wasn't, because you were too busy having faith in the goodness of people in general about letting you have your slice of the pie.

Gaah. Ignore that. There's always the bigger perspective to think about and make you happy. :) So if you want something, I say, go get 'em, girl!

My preparations for The Math Paper tomorrow seems to be leeching my optimism for god knows what purpose. :(

SSNAB said...

u hd a 'theoritically' wonderful day.. thts nt wht we r lookin for right?
nice blog :)

♥busy_writer♥ said...

hmm, sigh.

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

hmmm... in d same boat rt now... bring on d vodka!!!

zahid said...

theoretically wonderful day??? would you elaborate or shall i hav my own conclusions??? either Lifez not fair or (bloody bloody bloody) she's really hot !!

P.S : no harm intended !! jus to cheer you up !!!

Mystique said...

to taurius: yeah yeah............go study.

2 ssnab: thnx!!

2 mon: yeaaaaaaaah......

2 bubbles: opa!!

2 zahid: naah, she just knows him better..........and HE'S really really hot.

freudian slip said...

ok horsey who r ve talking abt here??

Mystique said...

u don't need to know. n please stop calin me that.