Thursday, 27 September 2007


Yea, my back hurts too...
This is another one of those timepass posts that i hate doing but feel the need to do.
I have somehow managed to rise above the leftover depression from yesterday, day before, last week etc.
Maybe this new sumg-contented mood will last....
maybe it'll collapse again on saturday......
Who knows-who cares??

On the good side, i got my phone back, after spending two hours at fono trying to figure out what was wrong with his phone. Yes, my darling little moto-liablity is back, i have to say it was oddly liberating without it for a week, now its back to dependance.

A Suitable boy is nearly finished. The God Delusion has been abandoned for a while, i must take it up again soon.

I'm trying to upload a pic here but as usual it takes an age and a half.

And i am so so lethargic, i must start hi-jump next week, even then there's no friggin way i'll clear 160 cm (i do 134 now) befor january.
So optimistic.

Orkut ain't helping, i get virtually no replies from ppl i've scrapped...
the Phone ain't helping, for much the same reason.

Neither is my cat, she took advantage of our quality time alone to sneak into the bathroom (and get locked in with me) and walk on the wet floor as i was having my bath.......and then after i got out of there, she took even more advantage of me being savagely attack me for no visible reason.
I actually think it was because i was standing on her favourite carpet.
She just came and licked my leg in apology.
Still, maheen, that doesn't wipe out those long scratches you left on my shin. I'm used to it (my last cat used to give me a daily dose of those) but they sting, you know?

I shall abandon this post and the picture and go and live my life. Goodbye all.


Renovatio said...

High jumper eh? I used to do it in my school days. Never for any conceivable sports-y reason, just for the fact that I'm a tad over the average height people get. Though I did give it up when I launched myself something a little under 2 meters, but landed squarely on the bar thingie that had managed to get knocked over by a rather nasty wind. That was plain excruciating.

♥busy_writer♥ said...

you haven't replied to me on orkut as yet :x

p.s-cats are such irritating creatures. argh!
no offence to maheen :D

wacko said...

lol..i couldnt stop laughin reading ur importune fucked up happenings..:P

ur cat left u a scar on ur shin...haww..dat should hurt..doesnt it?

tc! shit happens :D

plzdonttrythisathome said...

So.. Cats.. Of all the animals and pets in the world.. i mean dude no offence maheen but ..y cats..?? and good luck for athletics watch out for johnn ( suluxmis nightmare )

Mystique said...

to renovatio: yeah you do look pretty tall. i'm not that tall, so it's harder for me. i do it because it's fun and also for sporty reasons as you put it. And i seem to like it so much that i haven't given it up even tho i've landed on the bar innumerable times (they sould get those foam things, it would be so much better) and im always dead tired after practice....
i somehow like it better than plain running, and i'm the only one in school who seriously does it.

to monica: yes i did. and cats are very sweet.

to wacko : what importune fucked up happenings?
hmm....must re-read my post.
the scar doesn't hurt much. the cat is currently acting like a proper bloody diva, refusing to come and show herself off to the lunch guests so that they may admire her.
smart girl.
glad to be of amusement to u

to venky: my flat is a tad small for dogs. big dogs scare me a bit, and i've always liked cats.
that answers you?

bluebutterfly said...

high jumpin..........gee never tried coz i ws always the tall kid .....not lanky though........
my mom got our passports made so she hadta measure the heights i was 5;8 ............a tad bit over the avrage height for girls............i say ........