Sunday, 8 July 2007

Sorry about the total religion-god-theology type posts...i've been reading up on it...its my opinion.

Do you believe in God?
I believe that there is something, a life-force, an energy that makes the world work the way it does.
This energy is everywhere, all around us, within us, within all that lives and has ever lived.
And then we made our crucial mistake….
We gave it a name.
Ok, then as if that wasn’t enough, we said: “God created.”
And in doing so, we gave this energy, this ‘God’, this formless, shapeless thing, we gave it a human structure, a human heart, and a heavenly mind.
Then started the debates….
Does God exist?
Is it male or female?
Is it good or evil?
And by asking all these questions, we have assumed this energy to have human, yet heavenly attributes.
‘Coz it’s something that we don’t fully understand, so we tend to relate it to something we do understand.
Like ourselves.
And that’s our big mistake, in all these questions and debates and theories, we’ve forgotten that there never was any heavenly entity, person-like, called God.
There was just the endless energy.
And we called it God.
When did it begin to have a human-like mind, a face, a body?
Think about it.

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