Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Kiss Kiss No More....mwah mwah

So a couple of days ago i read this shocking announcement, which i guess will be more of a paralytic shock wave for all those fans of the seedier, titillating type of Hindi movies....
Kissing scenes, that is.
So, seriously Mr Serial Kisser, is that the way you play it? It doesn't sound wise, establishing a strong reputation as the ever willing, hot-lipped Serial Kisser of Bollywood Fame, right at the start of your career, and after letting this reputation spread, you just stop!Ooh, that's not good for Emraan's ratings...
Which weren't too good anyway, because of the general sleaziness in most of his movies, and Emraan with Himesh Reshammiya's aggravatingly nasal voice behind him...man, that just kills it.
Oh yea, Mr Nasal Singer....what's with the cap, huh?Are you trying out new and different retina-burning hairstyles (mohawk?cornrows?that cap could hide anything) and don't want to show us? Or do you, secretly, have a massive, shiny bald spot? What's wrong, cap boy? You ain't Himesh without the Hat? Your life-force is contained in the hat?
He wouldn't even take it off for his own movie....'Aap ka Surroor:The moviee, the real luv story'
Moviee?Why oh why do they intentionally misspell words in movie titles?
Hindi movies, that is....
Aah i forget...they're Hindi movies!
That should explain it.

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