Sunday, 6 May 2007

Feeble foundations with too much on top.

yea i'm talkin about maths.
it seems to have a very firm or perhaps weak (whichever way u see it) foundation, where as u learn more, your previous faiths are shattered.
yesterday in class someone proved that 1=2.
today mour maths teacher says that infinity is not equal to infinity
infinity (everchanging word, can mean anything) does not have a fixed value.....
makes the head spin.
chem's worse.
now we find that the model of the atom we learnt about two years ago is obsolete.
the quantum model is so complex that u can;t even begin to draw it.

so each time u get your basics clear someone else comes by and makes you unlearn it because there are now totally NEW basics to learn.

what i don't get is a science teachers passion for numericals
aah....bane of my educational life....
stupid calculations that i invariably get wrong.....i'm more interested in the theory part of it.


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