Saturday, 24 March 2007


Ah-so!! Those boards...those instruments of torture designed by the CBSE to sap the life out of innocent children....are finally over.well...nearly.And i wanted to go out today but NO....people would rather here i am....seule sur l'internet...lookin up anime tutorials.
my hand remains uninspired,my mind is full of various facts from previous exams...(all that i learnt seems to be oozing out of my ears, but at the wrong caesar lines before the french ugly crap before the math exam...)huh.we're supposed to ENJOY post-boards na?
but u see....scope for enjoyment dwindlws when u'r a girl who thinks like a guy.why are we so much more vulnerable, i ask you?
i can, if allowed,travel thru the city by my own way...but nooooo......
is it only girls who get raped? are guys,like,immune to assault? is this a valid question?
je vais aller.the whole fight is pointless

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